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Chair Yoga Helps Traveling Professionals Stretch in the Sky

As a traveling lawyer, getting a good stretch in betwen phone calls, meetings, the daily commute and the regular business trip can be a challenge. In fact, stretching might not even be on a busy lawyer's radar, and can easily fall on the backburner after busy days on the road or in the office. However, stretching is extremely important. In fact, according to Harvard Health, "Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy, and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motion in the joints." So how does a busy lawyer who travels often stay limber from takeoff to touchdown? Chair yoga might be the answer, and a partnership between Delta and Pelaton may offer a chance to try it out from the (un)comfort of your seat.

Delta flights now include Delta + Pelaton "Classes in the Clouds" in your seatback entertainment system. On your screen, under "series" you can choose from meditation and yoga classes that take 15 minutes or less, and are fully guided by a Pelaton trainer. In addition to getting up frequently and stretching out while waiting for the on-board restroom, Delta + Pelaton classes may actually help you feel more refreshed when you land.

According to Business Insider, Del

ta partnered with Pelaton in 2021 to produce the exciting new content. Delta is said to have brought the idea to Pelaton, and the classes that were ultimately selected for seatback use were selected because Pelaton users have an interest in fitness and travel-related content.

In addition to taking advantage of fun opportunities to stretch and workout on the go, if you are a busy lawyer who travels often, working with a personal trainer for lawyers is the best way to reach your fitness and health and wellness goals.

us today to discuss where to get started and take the first steps to Get in Fighting Shape!

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