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Meal Planning Tips for Your Next Business Trip

Are you ever at a loss for what to eat when you are on the go? Do you find yourself going hours without eating, only to binge late in the evening on greasy fast food? Do you forget to eat when you are on a deadline and find yourself hungry, cranky, and struggling to think? If this resonates with you, meal planning might be the best course of action. Especially when you are in a new city and shopping at unfamiliar grocery stores (perhaps in a different language!), having a formula for what to eat that tastes good and fits your fitness goals can be a huge time and life saver!

Meal Planning at a Grocery or Convenience Store: Carbs, Fats, Protein

Grocery haul from Billa grocery store in Vienna, Austria

Carbs, fats, and proteins, otherwise known as "macros", are the building blocks of the food we eat. For most healthy individuals, having a good mix of carbs, fats, and proteins in each meal (and in the proper ratios, depending on the goal) helps to maintain muscle mass and/or lose fat, and keep you satiated throughout the day. For my own fitness goals of slowly losing fat and maintain/building muscle, I aim for 20-25 grams of protein per meal, with around a tablespoon-sized portion of fat (8-10 grams), and a slice-of-bread-sized or half-cup-of-rice-sized portion of carbs (20-30 grams). I eat 5-6 times per day.

In the basket above, for a meal from a grocery store called Billa in Vienna, Austria, I picked eggs and protein shakes for my protein, avocado for some healthy fat, and a wholegrain bread for my carbs. I also threw in some green onions for flavor and tomatoes for nutrients and color! No need to speak German or get fancy. Knowing my macro goals and picking easy-to-prepare whole foods helps me stay on track with my fitness goals, save money, and also learn about what's available in the local stores. Meal prepping is not only healthy, but it can also be fun!

Help with Meal Planning Wherever Your Work Takes You

Meal planning can be confusing and difficult at first, but with time and practice you can learn to meal prep wherever you go! For help with meal prepping on your next business trip, or for your everyday life to reach your individual fitness goals, consult with a personal trainer for lawyers about the best macro split and meal prep strategies for your goals. Our personal trainer for lawyers offers full meal plans based on your needs, including macro-coaching and development for fat loss/muscle gaining or maintaining your weight, recipes and meal prep strategies, and specific meal planning for your destination and availability in your area. Get in touch today and get into fighting shape!

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