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No Gym? No Problem. A Short Guide to Packable Fitness Essentials

Ever wonder how fit lawyers and other busy professionals stay in shape when they don't have access to a gym? The answer is that there's always a solution for staying in shape on the go, if you are willing to be creative! One way to bust out of the gym and take advantage of any space (a hotel room, park, lounge area...or for those brave at heart, maybe even the airport boarding gate) is to have a few small and basic fitness accessories on hand. Here are three fitness essentials that you can pick up before you leave, or maybe even find at a cheap store at your destination. These fitness essentials were picked up at Tiger in Amsterdam. Tiger is similar to a dollar store in the United States, and has low prices starting at less than one euro. These fitness essentials cost a total of 6 Euros, or around 2 Euros a piece ($2.18 USD).

Fitness essentials for lawyers purchased from Tiger Amsterdam
  1. Exercise Bands

Bands are probably the easiest, smallest, and most versatile piece of fitness equipment that a busy and traveling lawyer or other professional can have on hand. Bands come in single long pieces as shown in the picture, as a looped band, or with handles, and range from extra light to extra-extra heavy. Some bands will include the weight equivalent, others take some guesswork. For the most conservative pack, a medium or light band is most likely the most versatile, even if you are advanced, as you can work both upper and lower body, and shorten or double up the band to add more tension and weight. Bands can be used to add resistance to squats, deadlifts, bicep curls, rows, shoulder presses, flys, and many other exercise traditionally done with dumbbells or resistance machines. Bands are a great cheap essential for the busy lawyer on the go!

2. Fitness Cards

Fitness cards are helpful for "mindless working out". That term may sound a bit negative, but actually mindless working out makes working out easier -- rather than having to decide a workout, fitness cards can be your own personal trainer, dicating what to do next. Draw 5-10 cards from a stack to create a circuit, or play a game of chance and draw a card each time you finish an exercise. As a rule of thumb, if the card doesn't have the number of reps or sets to do, do 15-20 reps for weight loss, or 8-12 reps for muscle gain (weighted), 3 or 4 sets.

3. Sliders

Sliders can be the basis for an epic leg and cardio workout! Sliders are slick foot-size pads or plates that are used to slide on carpet or a similar surface. Sliders allow the user to move in different planes, forcing stabilizer muscles to work. You can use sliders to simply "skate" on the ground, for core (pikes, mountain climbers), and for a full body workout. Use sliders to turn your hotel room into an ice skating rink or total body bootcamp!

Working out on the go may seem daunting at first, but by implementing some or all of these easy workout essentials into a routine can help you reach your fitness goals even if you are short on time or do not have access to a gym. Throw a band in when you back your bags or pick up some cards (or make them yourself!) and never fear a workout without a gym! If nyou need help, consult with a personal trainer for lawyers and get into fighting shape! Contact us today!

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