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Discovering Fitness in a Concrete Jungle

By now, if you've been following this blog, you probably have noticed that a key theme is finding ways to be active and to stay fit in unlikely places. When traveling, we are often taken out of our element and placed into a new one that is foreign, unfamiliar, and maybe even uninviting. However, with creativity (and a little grit) we can find fitness even in challenging places.

Traveling for a day in Bratislava, Slovakia, it struck me that often when we travel for business, we are stuck in expanses of concrete. Without forest paths to walk miles in or perhaps pleasant parks and boardwalks to do a little calisthenics or get in steps, if the place we are visiting for business has no gym access, how can we find ways to keep getting fit?

Walking through the city, I came upon a new and very modern housing complex, many buildings strategically placed with patches of grass and more pavement for a playground, walking paths, and, to my surprise, even a calisthenics outdoor gym! I was thrilled to see that it seemed that anyone could take advantage of this space, and that there were many different stations sufficient to create a very solid workout.

In this new apartment complex workout park near Bratislava's Old Town and the Eurovea Shopping Mall, you could easily build a workout from beginner-level to advanced. Raised platforms for step-ups, Bulgarian split-squats, and dips; bars for pull-ups, full-dips, and incline or decline push-ups, benches, push-up stations, and more.

If you need help putting together a workout plan for your next business trip, contact us today. Our expert corporate fitness trainers can help you get into and stay in Fighting Shape.

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