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Exploring Free Fitness Options at Miami Beach on Your Next Florida Business Trip

Perhaps I should be ashamed to admit it, but until I visited Miami on business, I had no idea what the city had to offer in terms of free outdoor fitness options. With a dreamy summer-year-round climate (temperatures rarely drop below 50 degrees or climb higher than 92, with temperatures typically varying throughout the year of 62 to 92 degrees), miles of perfectly sandy beaches, and stretches of pavement as far as the eye can see, Miami took be by surprise, and I was overwhelmed with the fitness options the city has to offer.

Navigating Miami Beach

First up, I planned ahead and brought my rollerblades on this business trip, as I thought Miami was the best possible setting for a nostalgic skate. So, pads and blades in hand, I hailed an Uber and headed from my hotel in the downtown/Brickell area to Lummus Park at Miami Beach. After throwing on my pads and blades and skating just a bit down the paved path, I hit a massive, free-of-charge outdoor gym. The gym equipment looked as good as commercial-grade and there were people of all fitness levels using the facility. It looked like such a good time!

For those who want a little less of a structured "burn", or a little more cardio, Miami Beach hosts another free option: posted along the paved route that runs alongside the beachfront are a number of free exercise stations.

Some of the exercise stations seemed to be sponsored by local businesses, like the pull-up station above.

Others were part of a numbered exercise route installed at various points on the path.

In addition to the free outdoor gym, exercise stations, and access to the paved path, many areas of the beach are free for the public to use, and there are ample bathrooms and water fountains placed along the path. Many people appear to use the path as part of their regular exercise routine (or commute!), and there were bikers, rollerbladers, joggers, runners, and people walking.

Miami is an excellent city for a business trip and the possibilities for fitness are endless. If you need help sticking to your fitness goals on your next business trip or when you travel, contact our fitness experts. Our fitness experts work with busy professionals to help them reach their fitness goals while they reach their professional goals. Contact our fitness professionals today for a free consultation and get into fighting shape!

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