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Fitness Tips for Busy Lawyers who Travel: Picking the Best Hotel Gym

Like many busy lawyers who travel for work, visiting a new city for a business trip can be a mixture of both advernture, productivity, and the inevitable confusion of navigating a new place. Trying to fit in your fitness routine on top of the stress of travel and substantive work can seem daunting when you take work on the road. However, one of the easiest and best ways to make sure that you can fit your workout in when you are traveling for work is to pick a hotel that has a decent gym on site. Although it can be fun to try different gyms out by buying a day pass, options can be limited, language barriers can complicate things, and prices can be steep. So, to ensure that you stay in fighting shape during your next trip, hit that hotel gym! But what's important in picking a hotel gym? We answer those questions here.

Hotel Gym at Radisson Blu Amsterdam City Center

Picking the Right Hotel Gym for Your Fitness Goals

The most important factors when picking a hotel gym include:

  • price - is the hotel within your price range or budget?

  • size - if two or more people are in the gym, will you be able to work out comfortably?

  • equipment - is there a good mix of dumbbells, weight machines, and cardio equipment, as well as some floor space, in case someone is using your preferred equipment?

  • amenities - is there a sauna or hot tub, showers, or other amenities that you prefer?

Once you have identified hotels that are within your price range that have a hotel gym, the best thing to do is take a peek at the pictures of the gym online. If you are at an advanced level and can adapt your workouts to any gym or scenario, at the bare minimum some floor space, a bench, and some free weights works just fine. If you are the type that needs cardio equipment and weight machines to get a good pump, pick a hotel gym that has at least one piece of equipment you'd like to use (if the gym is busy, that might be your go-to for the trip!).

The reality is, hotel gyms are rarely every perfect, and equipment and space may be limited. Go easy on yourself and make sure to have a game plan and alternate workout in mind (in case the equipment you need is being used) when you go down to the gym, and adapt your workouts so that they are fun and enjoyable. If you need help planning your workouts while you are on the go or help picking a hotel with a gym that's suitable for you, contact a personal trainer for lawyers today and let us help you maintain your fitness on the go and get into fighting shape!

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