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Opportunities to Move 24/7 for the Busy, Traveling Professional

Outdoor Calisthenics Park at Night in the Funfhaus District of Vienna

Earlier this month we explored outdoor calisthenics parks in The Netherlands and strategized fun ways to get a workout in while exploring a new city on the go. As a traveling lawyer or other professional, weekends or free days are few and far between, and taking half a day deal with the logistics and red tape of a new gym can be daunting. An easy and fun way to see the sights of a new place while getting exercise is taking a stroll and advantage of outdoor calisthenics parks -- even at night (if it's safe!).

If you are in a relatively safe location, consider taking the long way and walking home from Happy Hour, a luncheon, or dinner out. Getting in some steps on your way home is an excellent and effective way to exercise on the go, all while enjoying the scenery or cityscapes. If you plan out your route in advance and have an extra pair of shoes, consider adding an outdoor calisthenic park to the mix.

Putting Together a Calisthenics Park Workout: A Formula for the Busy Professional

Calisthenics parks typically have weight training machines that use body weight as resistance. Rowing machines, fly machines, leg presses, and abdominal machines such as sit-up machines are popular fixtures at outdoor calisthenics parks in Europe and Canada. Other calisthenics equipment, such as plyometric boards and balance boards may also be found, as well as dip and pull-up bars.

To put together a quick and effective workout on the fly, first pick a time goal or rep/set goal. For example, set the workout for 15 or 30 minutes and do a circuit of all of the equipment at the park (12-20 reps each), or base the workout on 6 fixed exercises, 3 sets each, 12-20 reps per set. For a chest and tricep workout at a calisthenics park, that might look like using the chest press machine, fly machine, and bodyweight push-ups for chest-focused exercises and full dips, bench dips, and triangle push-ups for tricep-focused exercises. Feel free to get creative, incorporate bodyweight movements, and implement strategies like time-under-tension if the weight is not heavy enough.

Fitness Experts for Lawyers and Busy Professionals

It's often hard to keep fit on the go, especially when you have a demanding career. However, with the right skills, tools, and coaching, you can get fit on the go! If you need help getting into fighting shape, contact our skilled and experienced personal trainer for lawyers. A personal trainer for lawyers understands the demands of a thriving career and hefty caseload and can help you get fit even with a demanding schedule. Contact our personal trainer for lawyers today and start getting into fighting shape now!

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