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Outdoor Street Workouts/Calisthenics Parks in Amsterdam and a Fun Travel Fitness Challenge

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

One of the best things about traveling for work as a lawyer is exploring the city on my downtime. One of the best things about exploring the outskirts of Amsterdam is the many outdoor street workout parks, or calisthenics parks that pepper public parks and waterfronts.

For a fun challenge, and to see more of the outskirts of the city on foot, we decided to walk from our hotel in the heart of downtown Amsterdam to the nearest Taco Bell in Osdorpplein, which seemed to be more of a suburban area, an approximate 14km/8.6 mile city hike round trip. We were ready to work up an apetite for Dutch Taco Bell!

On the route from the hotel to Taco Bell, we ran into a number of fantastic street workout/calisthenics parks, and several fitness enthusiasts using the outdoor equipment or participating in group fitness. It is so great to see how accessible fitness can be for everyone -- there were calisthenics parks with bars for ab work, sit-ups, dips, and pull-ups, and there were other parks with bodyweight equipment. All 100% free and available 24/7 to the public to use.

Calisthenics park near Sloterplas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Outdoor workout park near Sloterplas, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The long hike and stops to try out the outdoor workout equipment were definitely worth it because Dutch Taco Bell did not disappoint! Dutch Taco Bell offers easy vegetarian options, and we were able to keep it in the rhealm of healthiness with black beans as a protein and lots of salsa and lettuce. We wanted to try the oat-based vegetarian "beef", but they were out at the time.

Overall, however, a 10/10 dinner and a great hike with lots of suprises on the way. If you have a day to explore on your business trip, get guidance on how you can incorporate fitness and fun by speaking to an experienced personal trainer for lawyers.

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