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The Day Pass: 3 Tips for Finding and Using a Gym on Your Business Trip

Inside of FitINN Gym, Vienna, Austria

There's no doubt that finding a gym while you are traveling on business, especially internationally, can be a challenge. Language barriers, membership rules, logistics, and time all play a part in making finding and using a gym while traveling on business a bit of a hassle. However, with a little preparation and research, finding a gym that offers a day pass and using it while on your next trip can be a fun way to experience a new place (and see a little glimpse of the local gym culture!). Here are 3 tips for finding and using a gym that offers a day pass on your next business trip.

Tip #1. Get Your Bearings. The Gym Might be Closer than You Think!

FitINN Gym inside the U4 Train Station, Vienna, Austria

It's always easier to use a gym that's in your backyard. When you get to your location (or perhaps even before, using Google), get your bearings and see what is around you. You may be surprised to find a gym right next door. In many parts of Europe and Asia, large chain gyms are located inside of busy train stations and other commuter hubs. This is also often near where professionals stay on business trips. Knowing some of the top most popular gyms in the location by Googling them, and knowing the trade dress and logo, may help you spot a convenient gym quickly when you get to your destination.

Tip #2. Pad Your Gym Time on Your First Visit

Once you've picked a gym and figured out by searching online if they offer a day pass, it's time to check it out! When you visit the gym for the first time, it's best to leave at least 15-30 minutes of extra time to get any registration activities handled. Some gyms in parts of Asia, such as Gold's Gym in Japan, may have an extensive contract and registration process, even for a day or week pass. With language barriers, sign-up, and any tours or demonstrations, the initial sign-up process can take some time. You may also want to check in advance by calling or researching whether the gym requires a passport for signing-up. If the gym offers trial or short-term memberships that are longer than one day, it may be worth it to sign up for several days or a week at a time. Although it may sound fun to move from gym to gym, if you want to prioritize working out while on business, using the same gym is likely the most time-efficient and easiest way to go, due to varying sign-up processes.

Tip #3. Know the Local Rules

New jurisdiction, new rules. One widespread gym rule in Europe and Asia that we do not encounter as often in the United States is the requirement to bring separate shoes for use in the gym. Many, if not most, gyms in Asia and Europe do not allow members to wear street shoes (the shoes they wore into the gym) into the gym to workout for hygiene purposes. For that reason, it is best to bring a clean pair of gym shoes, in addition to the shoes you wear to the gym, when you use gyms overseas. Other gym rules may vary by location and include rules about using cell phones in the gym, wearing clothes in the sauna, eating and drinking, and using equipment.

The bottom line is that using a new gym on your business trip can be a challenge at first, but it can also make for a fun, intense and exciting workout! If you are a busy professional who needs help strategizing your workout plan for your next business trip, contact our personal trainer for lawyers today. Our personal trainer for lawyers helps busy lawyers and professionals stay consistent and reach their goals anywhere while on the go. If you are a busy professional and want help with your fitness and nutrition plan at home or overseas, contact our personal trainer for lawyers today and get into fighting shape!

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