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Turning a City Hike into a Strength Training Session (without being a Parkour Expert)

There is absolutely no question that the simple activity of walking can do wonders for your health. From reducing the risk of certain cancers, to boosting the immune system, and easing that aching joint pain, walking is certainly a low-impact way to get your cardio in and reap the benefits of taking step after step.

There is perhaps no better way to go about walking, assuming good weather, than taking a city hike in a new place. A city hike not only helps one get their bearings in unfamiliar territory, but provides the distractions of buildings, people, monuments, shops, and sights and sounds to propel you forward as you rack up your step count. Sometimes you may wander into a Christmas market unexpectedly or see a landmark that was not even on your list. The possibilities are endless when you take a trek on foot.

One way to even boost your city hikes more for an effective calorie burn, and even a little bit of strength training, is to utilize the parks and public areas that have been set up for locals and travelers alike to hit their fitness goals. Surprisingly, it is hard to find a city that does not have at least some public exercise equipment for the passerby to add to their routine. One underrated, and perhaps avoided by most adults, piece of equipment that can be useful to try out for shoulders, back, biceps, and core, is monkey bars. While taking a city hike in Vienna, I found a pair of monkey bars in Linsepark, just right by the train line.

If going back and forth on monkey bars is not up your alley, or part of your fitness routine, monkey bars can still be used to dead hang, or, if you are really hardcore and you have an elastic band with you, you can tether it to the monkey bars and supporting beams for tricep extensions, rows, chest press, flys, and assisted pull-ups. The possibilities are really endless if you get creative, and you can get an effective workout in 15-20 minutes.

In some cities, there are even landmarks that you can stop by and use during your city hike, such as this climbing rock that was just next door to the monkey bars in Sechshaus. Taking just 10-15 minutes to stretch and climb a little can boost your workout by 100 calories or more (according to Nutrition for Climbers, active climbing alone burns between 8-11 calories per minute).

If you are visiting a new city, throw on your walking shoes, perhaps grab a band and some water, and see what the city has to offer you. As always, if you are interested in Getting into Fighting Shape on your next business trip, contact our expert fitness trainers and get a plan started now.

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