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Where to Stay to Keep Fit on Your Next Business Trip: The Radisson Blue Viking Hotel, Stockholm

One of the biggest barriers for most people when it comes to staying fit on a business trip is acess to a gym or fitness space. Business trips upend our already busy lives and workout routines, and trying to find a gym while in a foriegn country and while on a tight schedule is not feasible for most people. Accordingly, one of the keys to maintaining and even progressing one's fitness while on the go is to lower the barriers of access to fitness. One way to do this, especially if your time is very limited or if you are more comfortable working out in a gym than outside or in your hotel room, is to make sure that you stay in a hotel that has a decent gym.

When I search for a hotel, I always filter for hotels that have gyms first. I scroll through the pictures and sometimes even do a separate search for just the gym to see if there are reviews and pictures on other websites. If I plan to only workout at a gym on my business trip, I ensure that it has at the minimum either dumbbells or strength training machines suitable enough to do both lower and upper body. A cardio machine, such as a treadmill, stairmill, or rowing machine are also great, but getting cardio outside by walking or jogging is usually feasible, so this is not as important.

When I planned my trip to Stockholm, I wanted to make sure that I booked a hotel that had a great gym. When I arrived, I realized that the Raddisson Blu Viking Hotel Stockholm gym was even greater than I could have imagined. The Raddison Blu Viking Hotel gym is on the bottom floor of the hotel, connected to a spa (the spa is an extra charge, but the gym is included). It has an open floor plan with an area for stretching/yoga, ample room in between machines, cable machines, traditional strength training machines (leg press, etc.), a full set of dumbbells and benches, a floor area with a wide mirror and calisthenics equipment, kettlebells, and a small lounge. All of the equipment that I used was in perfect condition and the gym was not only very quiet (both times I used it, there were no more than two other people), but also extremely clean. I would highly recommend this gym, and would probably pay for a membership if it were available in my area.

I highly recommend this gym to anyone visiting Stockholm!

If you need help booking a hotel with a great gym or finding a gym to use for your next business trip, contact one of our fitness experts today. Our fitness experts can help you stay on track and reach your fitness goals, even if while you are on the go. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation and get into Fighting Shape!

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